I just woke up from a good old Sunday afternoon nap. Is there anything more relaxing than to kick your shoes off on Sunday afternoon, nestling down in the bed (or the couch), and coping some 💤💤💤's? Speaking strictly for myself, I'm a "put the jammies on and go full on coma" kind of gal. It's refreshing, even if I do feel like the walking dead when I finally stir about. Sitting here on my sofa, and I'm  drinking a cup of hot tea. I had to give up one of the loves of my It was indeed a sad day at the Jackson house. But the tea is good, and it gives me a sense of well being to sit here, and to just not think about much of anything. Moments like these are rare and precious. It's like stolen time between me and God, just the two of us, enjoying one another's company. I treasure it. There are many days during the week when I don't have time to do much more than read a quick devotional, say a prayer and breathe in and out. Today is not one of those days. I am thankful for the peace...God bless!