I have done something I said I'd never do again...I have acquired a dog. I have named her Trixie Belle, although I should have called her Dancing Bear because she stands up in her hind legs and paws at the air. She is adorable.  

I have no idea what has gotten into me. I didn't want anything to impede my life. Yet, here I am, an old hippy with a lapdog. and I love it. She has won me over. 

If you come by the office, you will meet her. I will be bringing her to work with me on most days, provided she does well at the office. She is a precious little thing. And the best thing, since I have canine allergies, I haven't sneezed once. She is laying right here on the couch with me and, God bless her little heart, she looks at me with genuine love and devotion. She will learn soon enough how flawed humans are. It is hard to be the person your dog thinks you are. Here's her picture. Hope you all stop in to see us!


Trixie Belle

Trixie Belle