Black Jacket Symphony

Tonight, my friend, Debbie and I went to hear the Black Jacket Symphony in concert. For those of you who may not know...this is a group of musicians that take a classic rock album and perform it, note for note, lyric for lyric. And tonight was epic...they did "Revolver" by  the Beatles. Since a portion of my personal email involves  the word "Beatles", needless to say, I was in old hippy heaven. 

I did notice, though, a number of bald heads and comfortable shoes at said concert. I actually thought for a minute, "Boy, there's a lot of old people here," before I remembered...I was one of them. Not that such a thought stopped me from singing (and I use that term loosely) like a banshee, twisting like a tornado, and head banging like a boss. Yeah, the little hippy chick in the balcony who knows every word to "Taxman"...that would be me.

it was great. It was a blast. It was cleansing, in a way. There is something about the aftermath of a good ole  rock concert...even though my feet are hurting, my ears are ringing, and my eyes are drooping from trying to stay awake, I have a sense of wellbeing. John Lennon's music continues to inspire, a good meal continues to satisfy, a car ride continues to thrill. God is still on His throne and all is right with the world...good night!



Black Jackets

Black Jackets