Grooming the Dog

I dropped Trixie off this morning at the groomers. It is amazing how that sweet little dog has wormed her way into my life! I kept looking at the clock, waiting on them to call me to come pick her up and bring her back here to the office. it was a long day without her. Of course, I had to get her a rawhide treat because she was such an excellent little girl. I went early to get her and watched them groom her though the glass window. The lady did such a good job with her and Trixie was perfect. 

I used to have a German Shepherd dog named Harley. Harley was a good boy, too. Through a difficult set of circumstances I had to rehome him after Greg passed away and I moved.  Looking back on that, I know now that I was in no shape to take care of myself, much less a dog, so it was the best thing for all around. But still, it bothered me. It has only been lately that I felt like I could actually take care of something besides myself, and I began thinking about another dog. I am glad I found this one. She is perfect for me. I believe the good Lord had a hand in this. I know He helped me find a home for Harley when I was in desperate need of one. And a better home than I could give him. So now here's Trixie, a lovable little fur ball that has somehow managed to squirm her way into my heart in a matter of hours. I don't know what I did without her. Thank You, Lord, for Your wisdom.

Hot stuff! 

Hot stuff!