Last night was one of those nights...the kind where you wake up at 3:00 in the morning and can't get back to sleep. Sound familiar to anyone?  I tried for two hours and finally decided at 5:00 that I might as well get on up because all I was doing was worrying and wrinkling the sheets. 

To say that my little doggie was unhappy would be understating just a bit. Queen Trixie isn't used to being disturbed before 7:00, so she looked at me like I'd shot her firstborn puppy when I took her outside to potty.It's  funny that she is a little sleepyhead, sleepless as I am sometimes. The dog could sleep through almost anything once she gets a good snooze going on. She finally conked out on her bed, right beside me at the office. That dog bed looks pretty inviting...the Queen has a better bed than I do...


Trixie, the wonder dog, tucked in her bed. 

Trixie, the wonder dog, tucked in her bed.