Jalapeño Popper Roll-Ups

Good evening! I am gonna try to post a newly discovered recipe every week, since everyone seemed to like my cake post so well. I found this recipe on Pinterest from www.dessertnowdinnerlater.com. I have made these several times now and people seem to like them, a novel experience for me. These are great little appetizers for all of us jalapeño lovers. 

Jalapeño Popper Roll Ups

Jalapeño Popper Roll Ups

-4 large jalapeño peppers, seeds and stems removed, cut lengthwise.

-10-12 slices of bacon, crisply fried (ok, recipe only calls for 8, but one can never have too much bacon) 

-1 8-count package of crescent rolls   

-4 oz. cream cheese, softened (I've never tried light cream cheese with this recipe. I assume it would work, but why go healthy at this point?)

Preheat oven to 350. Stuff the peppers with the cream cheese.  

Break one slice of bacon in half and place on top of the cream cheese.  

Roll this whole thing up in a crescent roll. 

Repeat 7 more times until you have 8 popper roll ups.  

Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes. Check on it frequently. I also lightly spray the baking sheet with cooking spray.  

Eat any remaining bacon. 

i hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did! God bless!!