Cracker Barrel

If I ask my grandson, Gabe, where he wants to eat, he will almost invariably answer "Cracker Barrel." There are two reasons for this...number one, he loves their bacon. The kid can put away 4 to 6 pieces of bacon and still want more; and number two, the toy section in the back of the store. We have been to Cracker Barrel so much that last night, we had to resort to a toy turtle that floats in a small fish  bowl because the boy already has every other toy in the store! 

He loves that place, and actually, so do I. There is something warm and welcome about southern comfort food, isn't there? It makes all things seem right with the world. Having a bad day? Biscuits and gravy will fix you right up. Feeling down? Fried okra is the ticket. Feel like crying? Chicken and dumplings will make those tears disappear. And if not, at least you have a full little belly and a sense of wellbeing. I am such a foodie! Hope you all have a blessed day!  Godspeed!

A genius in the making  

A genius in the making