Soccer Season

Soccer season begins today. This would mean nothing whatsoever to me unless my grandson was playing. Which he is today at 11:00. So perhaps I should say that the World Cup begins today at 11:00... 

i can't wait to see his sturdy little legs running up and down that field, scowl on his face. It's meant to intimidate, but it's so stinking cute, I just want to squeeze him.  

Saturday mornings are a great time to relax, slow down and enjoy your family.  We Granmies love to watch our grandkids kick a football, dance a ballet, play a tuba, checkmate an opponent, run a 5k, or swing a golf club. It's one of our joys...that golden moment when time stands still and we see our grandson score that goal, or watch our granddaughter pirouette and plié. Life scarcely gets better. It is a truly a life blessed by God.  To see those intense little faces doing something they love, or at least something they think they want to do at the moment...well, that my friends is a privilege denied to many. And it's like a little slice of heaven here on earth, Gods little present.

I am blessed.❤️ 

The scowl... 

The scowl...