This morning, I am thinking about Eagles. Eagles are a beautiful bird to watch in flight. They glide gracefully and effortlessly through the air, seemingly without a care in the world....BUT an interesting fact about eagles--they are not naturally graceful except when they are flying. An Eagle will sit high above the ground in a tree or on a rock formation waiting on thermal winds. They literally ride on thermal winds when they glide. Sometimes it takes days. Sometime they go hungry. But they don't move until they can catch that draft.  


Not only do Eagles have patience to wait on those thermal winds, but they are a predatory bird. They use the wings, that beak and those talons to catch and rip their prey to pieces. The cry of an eagle is not a strong one. Their actual voice is weak. The strength is in what the beak does. It bites and devours, as the talons grip their catch of the day. This may seem cruel; however, the Eagle is only doing what is in it's nature to do. It was created to soar and ultimately seek its prey, kill it and eat it. That's the Eagles reward.

The Eagle has a special place in my heart. One of my life verses is Isaiah 40:31, shown here: 

Catch the wind... 

Catch the wind... 

It isn't a verse that I wanted to read and ponder for more than a year, but it's where the good Lord parked me to meditate and find solace in the time of many storms. It's hard to have an agenda when the Lord keeps saying ,"Wait." I had to learn from the Eagle. I got impatient. I got hungry. I got fidgety.  But I waited. And while I waited, I studied the attributes of the Eagle. I wasn't absolutely wild about that "killing the prey" part, but to the Eagle, that was the reward. My reward would come in the form of something, peace and hope. I will defend those things just as fiercely as the Eagle defends his prey. That was my lesson. 

My agency mission statement was born out of that time of waiting, and out of prayer and out of vision. And I am so grateful for that lesson and grateful for life. And I'm thankful for the Eagle, the bird that brought Gods Word home to me in its most basic form! God bless!