Mosquito Bites

Insurance is kinda like bug spray...nobody gets excited about it until we need it. But let just one pesky, little mosquito bite us, and it's on like Donkey Kong. We go digging into the depths of the cabinet for that one magical can to repel the barbarian hordes that we are sure will follow!

This is an extreme example, but I was hoping to garner  your attention. Most people do not even know where their insurance policies are located, much less what their coverages are. This is not the fault of the client. Rather, it is our fault as agents, for not stressing the importance of keeping important documents in a place that is readily available should the need arise. We should do a better job for our clients, who trust us with their lives.

To quote Sam from Lord of the Rings, "It's a dangerous  business, Mr. Frodo, going out your front door." When we leave our home for work in the morning, we don't know how the day will unfold...good or bad. We don't know the curve balls that life will throw our way. We just cannot anticipate everything. 

My agency strives to prepare our clients for unforeseen contingencies, whether it be an auto accident, a house fire, the loss of someone we love. And on the flip side of the coin, we also prepare for the birth of a precious baby, high school graduation, retirement. I much prefer the latter rather than the former, but isn't it great to know you're covered either way? 

We believe that YOU are your most valuable asset. That's why we make YOU and your FAMILY our number one priority. Our philosophy is simple...we are there during the best of times and we are there during the worst of times, because you are FAMILY. And family doesn't quit on each other. We run for the bug spray and hose you down when that bug takes a bite.  I don't say this to make light of anyone's tragedy. I say this because my clients are the most precious people in the world, and I will fight like a mamma bear protecting her cubs for every last one of them. I repeat, they are FAMILY!

These are my thoughts on a Sunday afternoon. I hope you have a blessed evening. God bless!