Burned Hair

Today has been a very busy, taxing day, and if things could possibly go wrong, they did. I dropped everything I picked up, banged my shin against the desk drawer, and got lost driving to meet a client. And things got no better when I got home...

i have recently purchased a container garden, and I'm very proud of that fact. I am no gardener by any means, but even I can grow tomatoes and peppers...I think...Anyway, I went outside and, like the diligent little gardener wannabe that I am, I checked to see if my plants needed water. They did, so I proceeded to hose them down. Now, my garden hose is one of those new, collapsible kinds. Let me just say right now that I'm more comfortable with the old plastic hose that has to be wrestled into submission. They are comforting in their total ineptitude and inflexibility. 

I get the plants taken care of and turn off the water and start to unscrew the nozzle...apparently, I didn't drain it properly, because the water started squirting out the sides, hitting me full in the face.  

i dry myself off and in a moment of total brilliance (not!), I decide to check my grill to make sure it has enough gas for me to cook. I turn on the gas and the ignition button doesn't  work. Any sane person right about now would think, "Humm...I've  had a really clumsy day today, so maybe I just need to leave this alone." But do I do that? Of course not. In one of my moments of total ineptitude, I get my lighter and try to fire the thing up.  Ok, let me stress right here and now that I've done this at least 50 times before without incident. Well, tonight was not one of those nights, folks. I have no idea what happened when I put the lighter in there, but I heard the WHOOSH! Next thing i know, my hair is on fire. I screamed and fell backwards, knocking over my pot of lilies, frantically slapping at my head. I tripped and fell flat on my back, and I just kind of laid there for a minute...

Luckily, it sounds much worse than it actually was, but when I came to myself I was staring at my reflection in the mirror. There were little brown charred pieces of hair all over the front of my head. I looked like a scene from "The Absent Minded Professor" and smelled like a burnt cat. 

It's moments like these that teach me what kind of person I really am. I am a vain one. I was crying and gasping for breath, didn't even know if I was hurt from the fall or if I had burned myself, and all I could do was wail, "My hair!"

Well, my back wasn't broken, I didn't burn myself, and once I combed the singed ends out, my hair wasn't bad, praise Jeaus. I survived with another crazy story to tell. And God took care of me. 

As I drove home from church tonigjt (yeah,  I cleaned up and went to church), I saw the most lovely sight..the moon was peeking from behind the clouds and it lit up one small section of the sky, like a little doorway to heavens. You may think I'm crazy, but I know God put that there just for me to see, because I've had.a rough day.  You might not believe He works like that, but I know He does. He cares about every tiny aspect of our lives. Nothing is too minute to escape His scrutiny. And I'm so glad. Because that one moment, when I pulled over to really look at the sky, made the entire bad day melt away. It made me remember that God is on the throne. God bless!