Yesterday, I boldly went where no woman in their right mind wants to go...I cleaned out my makeup bag... I am not proud of the fact that I let it grow gremlins in there before I actually did something about it. But, one of my eye shadow singles popped open, and I had brown glitter eyeshadow all over my eyelash curler, my lipstick tubes, my foundation sponges...well, you get the idea. I have no idea why I even have brown glitter eyeshadow. I guess for the same reason I have glitter bronzing powder that I haven't used in 16 years. Maybe I felt the bronzer needed a companion.  

Anyway, before I started looking like this...


I decided to do a little spring cleaning.  

I used to be a makeup artist many years ago, and my love for color hasn't faded with the years. I did come to the conclusion, though, when I threw away my false eyelashes (yeah, don't ask...major impulse buy), that I am almost at the limit of what cosmetics can do to improve my appearance. Oh, don't get me wrong, no way am I giving them up. But, I find myself becoming more and more critical of my appearance, and it just sorta reached its peak yesterday. It hit home...I am not 20 years old. My once oily skin is now dry. My nails are nonexistent (hence, acrylics). And I have more hair on my face than I do on my legs. Migration, I suppose.  

My point in all this is simple...I am like that old cosmetic bag (and yes, cheap little soul that I am, I scrubbed it out, hung it up to dry, and reused it), because there's still life left in it. It may be beat up, but it's still functional. It may be a little lopsided, but the zipper still works. It may have been stained, but it's clean now. And it holds my makeup just fine.  

I am not as young as I used to be, but I'm fortunate to be alive.  I'm not as cute as I once was, but I'm still a feisty little cuss. I'm not as flexible, but I can walk and run just fine. And that, my friends, is a true gift from the good Lord.  

I hope this made you smile on a sunny Sunday evening. Have a wonderful week! God bless!  


Not quite this bad, but still... 

Not quite this bad, but still...