I have recently embarked on a healthier eating regime, mainly because I was afraid all my sugar consumption was going to lead to a diabetic coma, and I wanted to promote gut health. That sounds gross, even as I type those words. So a few Sunday's ago, I went to Kroger on the advice of a friend and bought some soup bones and various veggies to make something called bone broth. Just those two words "bone broth" conjure up images of sturdy Vikings,  faces pointed seaward, ready to set sail into the unknown. Or feudal lords basking in the warmth of enormous fireplaces while lapping up broth from a wooden bowl, tossing a giant femur bone to their hungry mongrels pacing the floor. I have a vivid imagination, people.

When I cooked it all up, this concoction really wasn't half bad. I now have a decent source of protein I can drink during the day and it really does seem to help my belly. I am pretty happy about that. Not happy enough to give up chocolate, like, EVER, but happy nonetheless. It takes a little getting used to, drinking a cup in the morning, but I did want a hot drink since I had to give up coffee...

Heres the recipe for bone broth should anyone else like to try it:

Bones from some type of animal ...not human in origin




2 Cloves Garlic


Sea Salt

Ground Pepper


About 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

I didn't measure anything...just chopped until it looked right. 

Roast bones in the oven for 30 minutes. Then put them in the crock pot, along with the vinegar, being sure to scrape the goo out of the bottom of the roasting pan. I was told this is important. Cook for 12 hours on low setting.

Chop and add veggies, and cook 12-24 more hours. Strain through a fine mesh sieve. Discard bones and veggies.

I drink mine fairly quickly because although it doesn't taste bad, it's not something I really want to linger over, either. So, until the day I can figure out how to make bone broth soup taste like red velvet cheesecake, drink up!

This is what it looks like... 

This is what it looks like...