Happy Mothers Day

Today is a day we honor all our mothers. I am blessed to not only be a mother, but still have my mother with me. Yesterday, my sister, my mother and I went to a great restaurant in Powell, The Front Porch. If you haven't eaten there, the food is a great blend of southern cooking and gourmet delights. It is dining at its finest. Here's a picture of the thee of us on the front porch at The Front Porch...


My little mommy in the middle! 

My little mommy in the middle! 

My mother has Alzheimer's Doaease, but by golly, she still likes to go do things. We drag her around everywhere, and she loves it. She still loves life, and I am grateful for each day she can still say my name and know who we are. Even though she has challenges, she has a fairly perky little attitude. I hope i look this good at 80 years old. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mothers Day today. Hug your momma. Kiss your kids. Squeeze your husbands  (they deserve it). Laugh together over a meal. Smell some flowers. Enjoy life. God bless!