It's almost one in the morning here, and I can't sleep. I've tossed and turned for an hour to no avail. I hate nights like this. 

Normally, when I can't sleep, I know exactly why I'm awake. I'm worrying about my grandkids (what will the world be like for their future?), my office (do I stay put or expand?), or my sanity (was making those roast beef sliders a good choice or should I have made the ham?). Tonight, though, I am awake for no particular reason, and that kinda stinks. If I'm gonna be awake at one in the morning, I need something legitimate to worry about, at least. I feel I'm doing Worriers Anonymous an injustice. But for the life of me, I can't muster up a decent anxiety tonight. And , all kidding aside, I am grateful for that. Maybe I've finally learned to rest in the Lord. And to more fully trust in His ability to handle any situation perfectly without my help, agenda or interference. 

I don't know if that last statement is true or not, but just typing these words has finally made me drowsy. I'm going to sleep now, secure knowing my mind is empty and my heart clear and complete. Good night! 

No worries!   #insomnia  #sleeplessnights

No worries!