As I go about my daily tasks and try to do the best job I can as an agent, there are still times when my job is very difficult. Tonight was one of those times. You see, I lost a treasured client this week. I have known this man and his family for a number of years, and as I have been privileged to serve them In life, now I was able to serve them in death. Because even though this is a painful part of the insurance business, our agency has given this man's family the best help that could be given...We helped protect his family.

As I sat through his celebration of life tonight, I was struck by the fact that we agents often walk people from birth to the grave, like a doctor or minister. If we do our jobs properly, insurance agents are trusted friends and confidants. In fact, some of the most beautiful words I've ever heard are these words spoken to me by my clients..."I trust you." These are normally not words people say to their insurance agents. No, usually it's talking about rates, claims or accidents. And, don't get me wrong, we are there for those times, too! But, when a client tells me they trust me, they are saying, in effect, "if I'm not here, take care of my family."

Tonight was such a night. It was a night when the family didn't have to worry about the final expenses. It was a night that was, as it should be, devoted to the celebration of the life of a wonderful, godly man, who loved his family. It was a night when I was able to mentally whisper, "I've got your back." It was a night when I was proud to be an insurance agent, and doubly thankful for our agency. Even though these circumstances were not happy ones, our agency had done its part to make things just a little bit easier for the family. And what small amount of comfort that was, I was glad to be able to give it.

Trust is a difficult thing. And yet, we must trust people with our car, our kids, our money. And the most sacred thing of all.,,our lives and the lives of our families. Those are words I don't take lightly. Nor for granted. 

I would like to wish everyone a peaceful nights sleep. I pray each one of you who reads this will be blessed and may God watch over you, bless you and keep you safe.