I had the privilege of helping Hailey settle in at college this week. It was a day framed by changes for this young lady, as she begins her first time away from home. I started thinking about when my daughter and step daughter left home for the first time...and, of course, I cried... 

My granddaughter and grandson also started school...Emily started high school  today and Gabe started kindergarten last week. Just typing those words makes me feel ridiculously old, but blessed to see these two grow and mature in both mind and spirit. I am one blessed Grammie...and, of course, I cried... 

We don't like change, do we?   Speaking  for myself, I hate it. But it's the very nature of change that makes it so uniquely human. We change our teams, we change our clothes (hopefully, daily), we change our minds. Seldom do we think about changing ourselves. Because it's hard. And nobody wants to do the hard thing. Because changing ourselves means  there is something amiss about the way we think. And that extrapolates to "there's something wrong with me." 

But, maybe there's nothing actually wrong with us. Maybe we just need to expand our minds, broaden our horizons, fuel our souls. Changing our view doesn't have to be a bad thing, nor is it always painful. It can, in fact, be a wonderful thing, once we get our minds wrapped around the new thing that comes with it. Just because we don't enjoy it doesn't mean it isn't needed nor does it mean it's not for the best. 

One thing I do appreciate in the midst of these changes is that constant, steady heart of God that does NOT change. He is the same, eternally. If I'm feeling stressed out by too many changes, I can always run to the One who never moves. Who is right where He always was. Who loves us unconditionally. Who created us. That is my constant, guiding force in a world where I daily face changes that threaten to overwhelm my soul. He never changes and He never fails. And, of course, I cried...


Hailey Whitaker, go forth and conquer the world! 

Hailey Whitaker, go forth and conquer the world! 



The most beautiful grandkids in the world!   #tennesseetech  #changes  #mygrandkidsaregrowingtoofast

The most beautiful grandkids in the world!