Empty Shelves

Today is my last full day at the old office. They are putting down new carpet in my new office, they will be done in a few hours, and I can move my furniture in there. Even though it's just down the hall, it's an ordeal. 

This is bittersweet  for me. I've spend 17 years in this office, fourteen of which were with Greg. I am happy to be moving because it's best for my clients, but it's sad for me because of the memories. This was the place where client relations were built . This is the place where, green as grass, I wrote my first automobile policy. And this is the last place I shared with Greg, through laughter and tears. 

I am not an overly sentimental person. I do what I can and try to move forward. Today, I looked back a little bit. I looked back to the fun times with clients and fun times with Greg. Even as I did remember these things, I know that the past is the impetus that moves us forward toward our future. So I am moving forward into the unknown, just me and God...and Trixie. God bless you all and have a great day!!



The empty book case...just the eagle...