Refrigerators and Other Things

I woke up this morning at 5:00, stomach upset after consuming two giant bowls of ice cream last night...ok, I never said I was perfect and yesterday was a tough day, people...I finally decided I'd tossed and turned long enough and the T-Belle and I got out of bed and wandered downstairs. 

Immediately, when I went into the kitchen, I noticed something was awry...there was a light on somewhere and it turned out to be the the refrigerator. Apparently, the door didn't close all the way last night, the little light stayed on, and all my food was ruined. One bright spot...I still have butter....

This normally wouldn't be a tragedy, but my tummy was feeling a little squirrelly after all that ice cream and needed an egg and quite possibly, bacon...needless to say, I settled for chicken broth and butter...stomach is still squidgy after the broth, but hopefully will settle down here in a few minutes.  

As I mentioned before, yesterday was tough. I have some hard decisions to make, and I was feeling a little overwhelmed. Hence the ice cream binge...After pondering and praying for half the night, waking up to see my refrigerator malfunction (I refuse to believe it was an Elaine malfunction), and sipping on a cup of broth instead of my preferred meal, I have come to this conclusion...I do not know the answer to everything. I do not know the answer to most things...I am just one woman trying to make her way in this world as best I know how. I make many mistakes, but occasionally I do grab a brain cell and do something right. I do have the sense to ask for help when I need it and I know where to go to get it. I am a rather prideful individual, and I don't like to ask for help. But, through trial and error, I have learned that I cannot do everything (or most anything, actually) alone. We need one another, and that's the way God intended. I am very grateful to my friends and, in this particular situation, to my daughter, Annie, who is brutally honest, but kind.  I am also thankful to a God who never leaves me stranded out in the cold. His comfort is real. 

As I look at my refrigerator, each little thing hanging there represents something...I often rotate these "somethings" but this is what I have on there now...Curly Joe looking confused about dietary choices...Only three Beatles  (a friend bought this for me on sale because only Ringo was missing, a fact I find hilarious)...Pictures of Gabe (the grand boy) at a friend's wedding...Hailey and I at the same wedding...Mickey Mouse just because he's an American Hero...My niece McKenzie hanging on a clip that reads "Irene" (my grandmother)...a guitar bottle opener from another friend just coz I like guitars and it reminds me of a Fender Stratocaster...and a few Bible verses to keep me on track...These things make me smile. I am reminded that even though life happens and things don't go as planned, God is still on the throne...and I can rest on that. 

Have a wonderful day, folks, and God bless!