I have been a sporadic blogger of late. My life has been so busy, and I really didn’t  feel like I have much to say. So it would appear that I am making up for lost time this week, because the words just won’t stop coming...this morning I was attacked by a Trixie-Belle-A-Saurus. I was sleeping peacefully when this mongrel doggie jumped on top of my head clear out of the blue. 

To rewind this story...I had sworn the dog would never sleep with me. Well, about two months ago, that promise went south. Bad day, bad month, bad year in general, and I needed doggie cuddles one night, and the rest is history. She is very well behaved, sleeping without moving, cuddles up right next to me on her blankie on the bed. Come morning, she lounges around like the Queen of Sheba, waiting for me to motivate out of the bed and fix her breakfast.  

Today, not so much...when I didn’t move as quickly as she liked (apparently, since I was sound asleep for once in my life), she decided to jump on my head. She licked  me mercilessly, untill I emerged looking like a shipwreck survivor, hair sticky from doggie slobbers. Gross. 

Even now, the culprit is lying on the couch next to me, plotting her next move. But who can be mad at this adorable bundle of fluff? She is totally and completely spoiled. I think I’ll get her a hippopotamus for Christmas. A hippopotamus would be virtually bomb proof, and she could do with it as she pleased. In fact, I might just listen to that song right now...have a wonderful day! God bless!!