I am the most technologically challenged person in the world. If it involves a power outlet and WiFi, I can tangle myself up for hours...yes, even days, people...So today, when I had to install an internet booster thingamajig, I was ready to pull out my hair and Trixie’s too... 

I have been trying to set up an office at my house, so I can work easier from Knoxville when I need to do so, and I’ve never gotten a good signal in the upstairs part of my condo. I’ve called, complained, cajoled, and cried, to no avail. Today when I called Comcast, I finally talked to someone with some sense, who told me what to purchase. It’s called an internet Range Extender. Needless to say, after an hour of frustration, reading, mumbling, (and possibly cussing a time or two under my breath) I broke down and called Comcast AGAIN.  I talked to a great guy who helped me and I was up and going in a relatively (for Comcast) short time. 

Thia will really be a huge help to my clients for me to become even more mobile, and allows me a dedicated work space in my home. I am excited about it, mainly because it helps me serve my clients quicker and easier.  

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening and blessed week!