Today is the day my family and I are celebrating Christmas. We normally do this a few days ahead of time so that the kids and grandkids can have Christmas Day to relax a little bit.  

One of the things I have to do in preparation is to add the leaf to my dining room table. It is a major ordeal. I have to wrestle it from it’s hiding place underneath my bed, drag it downstairs, clean it and manhandle it into place. And it weighs a ton....Every time I do this, I swear I’m gonna just leave it in there. But about mid-January, I get tired of it taking  up so much space, and I cave. 

This year,  I opened up the middle of the table, and looked into the little cavity there. And I was struck by all the little crumbs of a years worth of life lying there...there were bread crumbs from the Mexican cornbread I made, glitter from the Christmas ornaments I took out of the box, snips of paper from craft projects, and numerous unidentifiable pieces of a life lived around a dining room table. 

Isn't our life rather like those crumbs, though? We are the sum of many parts, and we leave a little trail of “crumbs” as we pour into one another’s lives. They are crumbs that find their way into the hearts and minds of our friends and family. 

Well, the family will be here soon. God bless you all and have a Merry Christmas!! 


The inside of my table... 

The inside of my table...