Last night, I went to Kristy Kreme and had a donut. Ok, maybe it was one or three. But who can resist the "Hot" sign?  

I had never actually stopped to watch the making of these heavenly delights, but last night, I did. It was a an experience of epic proportions, ladies and gentlemen. I have no idea where the dough comes from, but watching those little, perfect "o's" make their way down the conveyer belt was fascinating and educational.  I'd always wondered why donuts have that little line down the I know...they are flipped over in the fat vat...well, most of them, seemed like there was always one in each batch that didn't flip over. If I were a donut, that one would be me...the resistant one, the defiant donut that insisted on doing things their own way until I was burned to a crisp on one side and raw on the other...yeah...

Everything was timed to perfection. I loved it. It doesn't take much to entertain me. I am a rather simple woman...but I started thinking about how that conveyer belt was kinda like moves us along, sometimes beyond our control, into the heat of the moment or the heat of this thing called life. The good news is that after we pass through the heat, we are sugared up and in prime condition for consumption. Just like a donut. So I guess my question would be,"what am I gonna be consumed by?" We may not have a choice about what life hands us, but we do have a choice about what we allow to consume us. Unlike the donut, we are not mindless lemmings rushing toward an unknown destiny. Well, our destiny may be unknown, but we are certainly not mindless, nor are we soulless. We have choices. And I'm thankful for that. God bless, have a great day and eat more donuts!



The Defiant Donut...