Happy Valentines Day!

Today is a day we celebrate Valentine's Day, a day where love is in the air! I am very blessed to have my family. Even so, it is a difficult day for me. It would've been mine and Greg's Anniversary...I didn't write this to elicit sympathy. I wouldn't do that. I did, however, write it to make you aware of the gift you have in your husband or you wfe. It's a precious gift, this gift of life, and one we humans take for granted. Death has a way of making us look at life differently and that isn't a bad thing. How can it be bad when it has taught me to love more, to laugh more, and simply just live more? 

The things I've learned since Greg's passing have helped me move on with my life.  The  mercy and grace of  God has brought me to where I am today...Flawed, yes, but loved in a way that I never dreamed possible. I would urge you to surrender to that love, the precious love of the Lord. It will change your life, as it changed mine. 

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! God bless!