I am watching the snow fall through the window on my back door. I came home a little while ago, when it started to snow a little in Oak Ridge. There’s already a dusting  on the ground and it’s cold! And they’re expecting it to get colder! Somewhere in the dim recesses of my brain I can hear Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney singing “Snow!”  

A snow day is a good thing every now and then. It gives me an opportunity to pile up on my couch, sip hot tea and binge watch “Anne with an E” on Netflix, in between phone calls and business stuff. It was a needed break for me. With the advent of the internet, Skype, go to meeting, DocuSign, and all sorts of other mobile apps, I have become very mobile so I can operate my business from almost anywhere. I like that, especially because it’s so convenient for my clients.

But there is something cleansing about snow, isn’t there? Something fresh and new. Something about watching those flakes fall, each individual and unique, that makes me, for one brief moment, feel free and happy. It’s liberating to me, in a way. It makes me want to sled down a hill, plop backside down and make snow angels, build a snowman, or start a snowball fight with a neighbor (ok, maybe that last one isn’t such a good idea, but it’s my daydream, after all). It’s also a good time to cozy up to someone you love. I’m doing that right now...sitting here, computer on my lap, doggie dozing at my side. She’s the “someone that I love”. And she’s a pretty doggone (yes, absolutely, PUN intended) good substitute for a human. She’s cuddly, warm and doesn’t complain too much. Happy Snow Day, everyone! God bless! Drive safely!


Awake and looking out my back door!