I have done something that I never thought I would do...I am going back to school. I am taking a certification course to become a life coach. For those who may think this is taking time away from my business, it isn’t. It’s online and the actual class is only a few hours a week. The homework, however, is rather brutal on a seasoned individual like me...I can only plead temporary insanity...

I started this journey for a few reasons:  1) to help me become a better insurance agent; 2) to connect with folks who are encouraging and honest; and 3) to help other ladies who have been through a struggle similar to my own. Widowhood can be relentlessly difficult at times. Women need to hear there is hope, and they need to hear it from someone who has walked the walk.   

I really bring no particular set of skills to the table...I am not particularly gifted with asking penetrating questions, nor am I particularly dynamic. I am, however, passionate...passionate about the goodness of God and His mercy and grace. Passionate about His deliverance of His people. Passionate about life and living it to the fullest with the time I have left here on this third rock from the sun. 

Hopefully, along the way, this journey will include (along with late nights of bleary-eyed studying) help for my clients and growth for my agency, resolution and forward motion for those being coached,  and accomplishment for me. And ice cream and donuts, of course...God bless and have a great evening!