UT Football

Yesterday, I had the privilege of working at the Tennessee/Alabama football game. There are three reasons it was so much fun:  

1. I got to see Smoky up close and personal. I love that dog. 

2. I actually got to talk to Coach Phillip  Fulmer. He is a wonderfully charming man. He called me “sweetie”, which is almost as good as calling a southern lady “darlin’”... 

3. I met the offensive coordinator for Alabama. Okay, I know most  Tennessee fans wouldn’t care about that, but he was very gracious in his win.   I never mind losing to someone who is gracious. 

Peyton Manning was also in the house, but I only got to see him from a distance, doggone it.  All in all, a very good day. A Vols win would’ve made it a perfect day, but I was proud of our team yesterday. They played their hearts out.  

Go Vols! 

The view yesterday from the skybox...