Why My Dog is a Cat

Yesterday morning, I was minding my own business, getting ready for work, when I suddenly realized something...my house was too quiet. Normally, Trixie follows me around everywhere, but if she doesn’t, I can still hear her, rooting around or running around pawing at one of her toys. Yesterday...nothing. Rightfully suspicious of this new phenomenon, I went downstairs...and so it began. My dog was on top of my kitchen countertop! She was happily sniffing around like a boss, which of course, she is. I can’t say I was completely surprised because I’ve caught her there three other times. Once when I left a container of bacon grease on the counter, another time when I was cooking sausage and turned my back for a nanosecond, and now, apparently, just because she wanted to.

Of course, I cried out, “Trixie! Off! Bad dog! Bad dog!” But she didn’t look one bit sorry. She just turned and hopped back through the pass through window, rested her head on the ledge and gazed at me with that look. “Who? Me??” 

I am not really a cat person. Never have been. I know people love their cats like I love my dog, but I never warmed up to them. Too aloof, and too weird. Now, I have a doggone dog who climbs up on my counter, exactly like some ole alley cat. What’s a Mamma to do? She is rotten, spoiled rotten, I tell you! 

I have to figure out a way to stop this behavior, short of re-arranging my entire living room...please feel free to message me any ideas!  

The Princess, giving me the look...