Grandkids and Mexican Food

My granddaughter and I just left Salsaritas. Let me just say right now that I love that place. Hello, my name is Elaine Jackson and I love Salsaritas. She picked the place, and I didn’t utter a peep of protest. It was great. But even more than I love Salsaritas, I love spending time with my precious granddaughter. She is such a sensible, strong, steady young lady. She is on my couch right now doing her homework before we leave to go to church. I am watching her intent gaze at her math homework, knowing she must have everything just so, OCD little soul that she is, and I am so grateful she’s here. Grateful she is alive here on planet earth and that I have the privilege of knowing such a fine young girl. And the Mexican food doesn’t hurt any, either. Thank You, Lord, for my grandchildren and for Mexican food!